The Complete Nevada Traveler Reviews The Complete Nevada Traveler, by Toll. Describes how Toll incorporates his personal experiences into his writing.

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Having driven across the U.S twice, I've been able to pick up numerous travel guides of the states. However, none of them quite compare to The Complete Nevada Traveler. You see, the great thing about this one, is the fact that Toll himself, a native Nevadan, has been to just about every place worth writing about in this state. From beautiful Lake Tahoe, to the deserts of Jackpot, just to name a few. He really incorporates these personal experiences into his writings, and it shows. This only enhances the book and gives you a different feeling reading this one, rather then others.

He covers five different territories: The Cowboy Country, Reno-Tahoe Territory, The Pony Express Territory, and Pioneer Territory, and the Las Vegas Territory. In each one of these sections about 15 unique cities and places are listed. He uses his familiarity in each one to describe the general atmosphere of each area.

And because he has been to each location described in his book, he is able to give fact-filled reviews to the reader of each place.

Not only does he give desired restaurants to make sure to dine at, but he gives the must-see sites to visit while in each city. For instance, take small little insignificant Dayton, a "podunk" town east of Carson City. Toll makes it sound like a ranchers paradise. He advises you to eat at Mia's Swiss Family Restaurant and Gold Canyon Steak House. But on top of this, he says that the Odeon Bar in Dayton is desirable landmark, being that it was used heavily in the filming of The Misfits," with Marilyn Monroe. I doubt many other travel guides would be so systematic in there reviews of such a small city as Dayton. When he writes his reviews he takes into...