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Mike Rose and Jean Anyon are two very bright writers that have similar opinions on things. Rose feels that wanting to be average is not a good thing, but everyone thinks it is. He feels that the school system has a lot to do with students coming to school bored, frustrated, afraid, and later failing. A friend of Roses, named Ken came up with a statement "I just wanna be average." (186) At first Rose didn't understand what he meant. But then he finally came to understand it. Most students today just want to be "average." They question, "why should I choose to be put in a hard class and do a lot more work if I could be in an average class and get straight A's?" Being "average" also means that the student does what he has to just to get by in the course. He doesn't at all try a bit harder than everyone else.

He sits in class daydreaming about other things, and writes down notes about the lecture. That is everything Rose did in his classes until a unique man stepped into his life. His name was Jack MacFarland, and instead of being like all the other teachers, he had his students think with creativity and write three or four essays a month, read a book every two to three weeks, and gave them a quiz every other day. Ever since MacFarland stepped into his life, his life changed in a positive way. I feel this is the right way to learn because students push themselves to be more than the average Joe. The teachers at Our Lady of Mercy were often very violent, and they would shake, smack, and hit the students. They were not very friendly with their students; they just wanted everything done...