Comparison of 2 Crime Fiction Novels

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Crime fiction has somewhat generic themes and characters. With specific reference to The Broken Shore and The Murders of the Rue Morgue compare and contrast the themes and characters found in the texts.

Like many murder mystery and crime fiction stories, the Broken Shore and The Murders of the Rue Morgue portrays the tales, plots and themes in a complex and appealing way. Just like most basic crime fiction story, the author shows the distinctive features and variation of each essential character in the stories. Edgar Allan Poe was one of the early writers of short-stories and "locked room mystery" detective fiction genre although Peter Temple is a more recent Australian crime fiction writer. There are lots of themes and characters portrayed in the two narratives, some of which are comparable and others are dissimilar. The time difference and settings is what generally differentiates the themes and characters of both stories.

The events and behaviors of the main characters in both stories are very comparable. Temple introduces the main character. Joe Cashin, a former homicide detective recovering from injuries inflicted by a mad man. Later he is forced to restore himself by taking up a dangerous case. This opening of the story is comparable to many broken down detectives in previous crime history story and literature. In crime fiction language, Cashin can be described as the Gum-shoe. Temple tells the tale mostly from Joe's perspective which lets us understand his personality and thoughts as a contradictory character and a mixture of kindness, rudeness and short temper. He is the police forces greatest fear, a man who will not accept the verdict of his police superiors that seeks to truncate an investigation before it has come to a just and complete conclusion.

Edgar Allan Poe's short-story begins as the unknown narrator...