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Art is a very relative creation. Our society applies their own experiences and sentiments to understand a work of art. The Waterlilies by Claude Monet needs no detailed description as to what it is portraying. However, I have an original outlook on this famous piece as it describes my outlook on life in the United States.

I was born here and know nothing else of living by other countrys' standards, however all of my relatives in Iran would sever a limb to set foot on American soil. I confess I appreciate all The U.S. has to offer, but there are drawbacks, as with any country, and I fear that many a population do not see them. The Waterlilies are beautiful from afar; the epitome of perfection, sanctuary and perpetual peace. This is the illusion most people have looking at America from miles away. Once you are here, everything is utterly perfect: nothing can go wrong.

Many have stepped forth and examined this landscape painting with close scrutiny and reveled in the many dots and irregular dabs and murmured appreciatively. I may not be as imaginative, however I see nothing but that... dots. Unattractive, ambiguous and almost vacant color. America is The Waterlilies from afar, yet as one is closer, it is just a fury of obstacles and a plethora of mazes. Most people are under the misconception that creating a successful life in America is finished by stepping into an airport. Do they not realize all the hard work, constant struggles and perseverence required to live through a single day?

Life is not easy anywhere in this day and age and it is certainly not easier in our country. Perhaps, it is considered even harder with day to day competition and rivalry. Therefore, I feel that my life thus...