Comparing the original story Pinnochio and its appropriation the movie AI, relating to the altered or mantained paradigms and values

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David is 11 years old. He weighs 60 pounds. He is 4 feet, 6 inches tall. He has brown hair. His love is real. But he is not.

David & Pinocchio are made by humans, for humans, to mimic humans. Many people will find the Pinocchio references in A.I. tedious and superfluous in nature. For example, Pinocchio is the story read to David by his human mother Monica. This story inspires him to seek Blue Fairy - a character who he identifies as being real.

However, when it comes to the metaphysical traits of the two boys, we can clearly observe a more human personality in David as he has egocentric thought.

He only cares about himself, his wants, his needs, and his desires. This selfishness called for an alternative ending to the Spielberg film. Pinocchio saves those he loves and sacrifices himself for them - while David brings back Monica to pamper him and lavish him with attention.

Jiminy Cricket has been altered into the more impressive Teddy the Supertoy. The role of playing Pinocchio's "conscience" has been taken away from the magical talking animal, and given to a scientific plaything.

This shows the diverse values which have affected these films according to the society and culture within which each was developed.

Lord Johnson-Johnson is Kubrick's portrayal of the evil puppeteer Stromboli. His Flesh Fair is one of the films two representations of Coachman's Pleasure Island, where boys become donkeys. Both characters use the "puppets" for entertainment, however, Stromboli uses Pinocchio as a marionette - his true purpose, whilst Lord Johnson-Johnson, takes pleasure in destroying the mecha's ability to function and perform it's purpose.


The endings in the two texts continue to differ, however, by using clever symbolism. Both boys endure a "death" involving water (Pinocchio is drowned...