comparing the Matrix to real life (the human actions being controled)

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Last year a movie came out that made me realize how different I have become over the past two years. Its name is The Matrix. The movie questions the world and the forces in people's lives. For weeks, it made me wonder whether or not this world is real. Or may it be that our brain is not really controlled by us, but by some other forces, and we perceive as real? The thought is interesting, but not believable. However, if the movie is looked upon from a different angle it appears to be a metaphor for the political and economic control that people experience today.

The movie presented an imaginary world in which the artificial intelligence controlled human beings. People got so sucked in to the computer world that they didn't even notice how their mundane surroundings turned into a giant machine. They became prisoners of that machine. They thought that they live at the end of the twentieth century, when in reality it was the twenty-second.

They had their families, and jobs, and worries. Everything seemed real, or they just never questioned it. But the reality was very different. They were kept in huge jars, and were hooked to a mainframe computer which told people what to think, see, hear, and do. Of course, there was a group of people, who escaped that destiny and fought the evil. The idea of the movie is revolutionary.

I think that the movie is a metaphor for the economic and political control exerted on people by the government. We are surrounded propaganda and lies, just like in the movie. We live in this dream world where everyone is equal, and we work to be rich. Such lies go back to the 1800's. The American myth, and the stories about "rags to...