Comparing and contrasting "Macbeth" by Willian Shakespeare to "Lx" by Pablo Neruda. In this essay many examples of death are used to explain the emotions of the main characters.

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In Macbeth by William Shakespeare and the LX by Pablo Neruda, imagery is the main thing used to describe how both Macbeth and LX are alike. In both pieces, many examples of hatred, darkness, and death are used to give the readers an idea of how the characters are alike in the way they feel.

In Macbeth, readers were given clear images of how he was feeling throughout the play. After the murder of Duncan, Macbeth was plagued with many different, evil emotions. At times Macbeth was faced with thoughts lurking in his mind about murder and what would happen to his power if he were to stop committing these acts of crime towards other men. This is a perfect example of his fear that all men hated him. After he would commit these murders, darkness in his mind would overwhelm him. He would be psychologically destroyed because he knew these acts were wrong but yet he could not control them.

Macbeth also felt a sense of nakedness because after the murder of Duncan, Lady Macbeth's power began to diminish and suddenly he felt alone, as if he had committed the act himself and not with any aid.

The sense of Death and darkness was present throughout the poem LX. Throughout the poem many examples of imagery were used to show how the author wanted to give the message of death and hatred for men. For example in the first paragraph the author states "whoever intends me harm, let your blood too, the poisonous blow, directed against me, falling across my labors like a net, darkens your wincing flesh in its corrosion". Basically what the author is trying to say is "If you intend me harm the same will come to you". The author is also trying to...