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Love means a deep and tender feeling of affection and concern towards a person, which brings a sense of fulfilment between two individuals. Love is one of the most important emotions felt in a person's life. Love has different meanings and can be taken in different forms in particular situations. For some, the idea of love is purely physical and only deals with bodily pleasure. But for others, love is a union of two souls. But, is lust and love the same two sides of a coin or are they different? And how does marriage fit into this role? All these questions have several answers. Each individual has their own point of view and opinion of love. And, like everyone's point of view, Katherine Anne porter and Henry Fairlie have their own point of view and definition of love, which is revealed in their essays, "Marriage Is Belonging", and "Love and Lust".

The following paragraphs will analyze their thesis, purpose, form and style of both essays using comparison and contrast.

To begin with, both essays can be compared and contrasted on the basis of thesis and purpose. Katherine and Henry both talk about love, and the importance of love in each person's life, in their essays. The thesis of the essay "Marriage Is Belonging" is how "The best, the very best, of all these relationships is that one in marriage between a man and a women who are good lovers, good friends and good parents; who belong to each other, and to their children, and whose children belong to them: that is the meaning of the blood tie binds them, and may bind them sometimes to the bone." (p.12) On the other hand, "Love and Lust" compares love and lust by stating that "Love is involvement as well as continuance;...