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Community Service has always played a major role within the midwood track team. It has been continually been included within the framework of the track and field program

For instance, the biggest role in which our team as a whole has played within our school would have to be our Annual SING Production. SING, in Midwood is a show put on by the students and for the students, as a competition between Freshmen/Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes. It is also one of our biggest school fundraisers, and most of our members have helped out with set design/production, ticket selling, and ushering. Not only this year but since we were sophomores, enthusiastically giving up our "free time" or lunch periods, or our main day of rest, which is Sunday in order to meet certain set deadlines. Our hard work and dedication clearly paid off because we have won two consecutive SING competitions (as Juniors and Seniors).

In the past two years, the midwood track team has also served in Student Government. Senior Roxanne Garcia currently holds the position as Student Comptroller; following in the footsteps of last year's boys captain Eric Toone, whom also held the same position.

The activity in which we cherish the most is when we help our very own. In spring of 2002, senior captains Christopher Joanis and Zakia Henderson-Brown felt that they wanted to leave their mark in midwood track history, not by performances on the track or breaking records, but by performances in the classroom. They set up the Big Sister/Brother mentorship program where juniors and seniors adopt freshmen and sophomores as their little brother/sister.

The big brother or sister would be responsible for helping their little "protégé" with school work, projects, homework and so on. In addition to the help we try to...