Coming of Age in Mississippi by Ann Moody. Deals with realizations of Ann Moody on discriminations at the time. Discusses how she helped reform the discrimination in the US.

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Anne Moody was an important character in the role of social reform for Africa Americans in Mississippi. Her will to change people and desire for a better life for African Americans was based on the problems and difficulties she faced when she was a child growing up in Centreville, Mississippi. The problems and discrimination that she encounters as a child are laid out in her book Coming of Age in Mississippi. These things are the basis for who Anne Moody will become in her later years. As she gets older she realizes and understands more differences and problems not only between blacks and the whites in her community, but also throughout the different types of blacks in her community.

The first time that Anne fully realizes the differences in her and others is in the movie theatre when she was about eight years old. She sees her white friends there, and goes to sit with them only to learn that she must sit up in the balcony away from her friends because they are white and she is black.

Before this time, it had never really occurred to her she and other blacks were being segregated from the whites. Even though she knew they went to different schools, she never really knew why. She also didn't realize it, because the white children and her played together at their houses, and also Sam and Walter, her mom's brothers were white. Once she realized that they were being separated, she also came to realize other differences between the whites of the community and her. The whites had better toys, houses, schools, and more conveniences then she and her family had ever known. Since she realized that they were actually being separated, it was then she began to wonder why. At first...