Columbus Day, a holiday to honor America or enslavement?

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Was Columbus our founder of this great land a hero or a murderer? In January we celebrate Martin Luther King Day is to recognize and show our appreciation to him, his social ideas, and his fight for equal rights. On the other hand we observe Columbus Day as a holiday. What did he do to have a holiday under his name? Well look at some facts. Christopher Columbus set sail out from the Spanish port with his 3 ships the Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria on Aug 3, 1492. After 38 days of long and tiresome voyage they finally spotted land. Columbus' original objective was to go to Asia in search of people to trade spices and gold with. Columbus never really reached Asia instead he stumbled on islands now known as the Bahamas. On October 13, 1492 he claimed that land for Spain. This is only the first chapter of Columbus's story.

Knowing what I know I think we should not celebrate a day in commemoration of Columbus, because he was not really a hero but a null hearted murderer that had no respect for Native Americans.

Most people say if it wasn't for Columbus we would not be here right now. If you really think about it how did Columbus discover America when there were already people living there? While Columbus was in America he taught the Indians many skills such as the Spanish language, and the religion Christianity. Teaching the Indians the Spanish was pointless because there were already 400 different languages, what was one more going to do? Columbus did not introduce the Indians to Christianity he and the missionaries they forced them to learn it.

How accurate is the statement "Columbus discovered America"? If you ask me it is not accurate to any percent. You...