Colorado Newspaper Evaluation of Federal vs. State Government

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Within a five week's collection of Boulder County's, Daily Camera, three different levels of government were addressed. Each of these different levels focused on various policies to protect or enhance the well-being of the citizens within its jurisdiction. The policies mentioned within the five weeks can be viewed on many different analytical points: the constitutional relationship, the relationship to the definition of federalism and government structures, and media relationships with the government.

Each finding within the paper of policies in different stages of development, show the constitution bends and adapts to the times and is constantly tested and revised. An apparent example of this comes from the battle over Amendment 31 (which would prohibit bi-lingual schools). On September 2, an Erie resident wrote about the dangers that Amendment 31 poses to the United States. Personally, regardless of political reasons the American government has dictated in defense of this possible amendment, I feel Amendment 31 crushes many of our civil liberties such as cultural freedom and educational rights.

A more eclectic representation of constitutional freedom in the twenty-first century is brought up on rights during incarceration. September 1st, an article written on the Green River Correctional Complex's sadist inmates comes to light under a Supreme Court ruling over religious freedom. When the Kentucky Department of Corrections tried to take away several inmates' right to worship Satan, the Supreme Court stepped in to protect their basic rights under the constitution, "unless it causes harm to other inmates or staff, institutions may not prohibit exercise of inmates' religious freedom." With the War on Terrorism, and the war with Iraq brewing, many citizens on the United States are starting to fear the constitution will not be able to protect their human and civil rights. The United States Patriot Act (which monitors the moves...