The Cold War

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This essay deals mainly in outlining the cold war and its consequences posative/negative.


When World War II in Europe finally came to an end on May 7, 1945, a

new war was just beginning. The Cold War: denoting the open yet restricted

rivalry that developed between the United States and the Soviet Union and

their respective allies, a war fought on political, economic, and

propaganda fronts, with limited recourse to weapons, largely because of

fear of a nuclear holocaust.1 This term, The Cold War, was first used by

presidential advisor Bernard Baruch during a congressional debate in 1947.

Intelligence operations dominating this war have been conducted by the

Soviet State Security Service (KGB) and the Central Intelligence Agency

(CIA), representing the two power blocs, East and West respectively, that

arose from the aftermath of World War II. Both have conducted a variety of

operations from large scale military intervention and subversion to covert

spying and surveillance missions.

They have known success and failure. The

Bay of Pigs debacle was soon followed by Kennedy's ft handling of the Cuban

missile crisis. The decisions he made were helped immeasurably by

intelligence gathered from reconnaissance photos of the high altitude plane

U-2. In understanding these agencies today I will show you how these

agencies came about, discuss past and present operations, and talk about

some of their tools of the trade.

Origin of the CIA and KGB

The CIA was a direct result of American intelligence operations during

World War II. President Franklin D. Roosevelt recognized the need to

coordinate intelligence to protect the interests of the United States. In

1941, he appointed William J. Donovan to the head of the Office of

Strategic Services (OSS) with headquarters in London. Four departments made

up the...