Cold Fusion: Possibility and Potential Use.

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This report was for a Physical Science Class. I received 190 out of 200 points for it. The Instructor Critique is at the end of the paper, and it is detailed for you to improve on. This paper looks at LENR/CANR, "Blacklight", and sonoluminessence. All these are variation of "cold fusion" or "free energy". This is an awesome paper with a great Works Cited Page. Use it as a basis for an "A".

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Cold Fusion

Possibility and Potential Use


In March 1989 electrochemist Stanley Pons of the University of Utah and his colleague Martin Fleischmann of the University of Southampton in England made an announcement. At a University of Utah press conference they claimed they had discovered a way to achieve nuclear fusion in a flask at room temperature. It is the least to say that they were not well received by the science community.

This paper is a look at the possibility and potential use of cold fusion. I will show the progress that science has made towards this goal, and the use of this energy source as an alternative to conventional sources. There have been instances of fraud, so called voodoo science and fervent opposition to this topic. The reason I chose the topic of cold fusion, or more aptly named, "Tabletop Fusion", is mainly due to its possibilities of further understanding in all areas of science. Especially in the area of physics and the challenge to it's laws.


The claim that Pons and Fleischmann made was that they had observed a measured temperature increase in an electrochemical cell. The experiment involved palladium cathodes that were electrochemically loaded in a heavy water electrolyte. But there was no evidence of a nuclear product release equivalent to...