Clues to Effective presentations

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Clues to Effective Presentations

This article was presented with a brief introduction that the presenter must be more interesting than what the audience will generally be thinking about, if not it will not take long to lose the audience to their own thoughts. The remaining article was presented in an outline format, which made for a quick-read with the ability to skim the article for the highlights since they were already pointed out for the reader. Interestingly, I did not realize when I first found the article and decided to use it that the company is from Thane, India. Unknowingly, I learned that cross-culturally presenters all need to know the same things for the audience to receive optimal benefit from the time a presenter spends to develop materials. The article points out "there is no correct way" to present. I actually thought that was a significant statement. They must have thought so also, since that is the statement they used to begin the article.

When you think about "no correct way" it seems to downplay some of the tension about preparing for the presentation; although, it has nothing to do with "stage fright" as the article refers to as nervousness. The article references that the best way to handle nervousness is to "know your purpose and your topic, take plenty of time to prepare then, practice, practice, practice."

Using visual aids will help keep your audience focused. Make sure you know the size of the room and number of potential participants. It is important that visuals be large enough for audience members to see well. It is also helpful if a handout of the visuals can be provided to the audience to assist those who may be unable to see well at a distance.

There is no correct way to...