Civil War Topics: Weapons, Slang, and Currency

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During the Civil war many weapons were used. Most of the soldiers used a rifled musket which had much more range and accuracy than a smooth-bore musket. They also used the Sharps model 1859 rifle. This was sort of like a sniper because in order to get this gun you had to be able to pass a marksman test. They also used the Gatling-gun which was invented by Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling. He said he invented it so that one man could do as much damage to the enemy as 100 men. The Gatling-gun had six revolving barrels so that the barrels would not over heat. It could also fire over 600 rounds per minute.

On April 1861, the first note from the government of the Confederate States of America was issued. They said that if the south won the war, the money would be redeemable. Each individual note was hand signed and number.

Some notes even had uneven and rough borders because scissors were used to cut the sheets of notes apart. The North tried to inflate the Southern economy and printed counterfeit notes and distributed them throughout the south. By the time the war was nearly over, Confederate Notes were worthless and everyone used the Northern “greenbacks”. Now, civil war notes range from one hundred dollars for common notes and thousands for the rare notes. Slavery was also shown on the noted. Over 126 images of slavery were shown on Confederate and Southern money.

There were a lot of civil war slang terms. An officer’s gold braiding on his shirt cuffs was called chicken guts. If a shot or shell passed far above and behind the troops it was called a quartermaster hunter. If someone was angry they were said to be “fit to be tied”. The calvary...