Civil war

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The Civil War

The War may have been the greatest conflict our country may ever have had. It was a declaration of human rights and black mans freedom in the new nation of the United States. When looking at the numbers ranging from population and land, to the industry field it is very easy to see why the Union basically dominated the war.

Among the population of the Union and the Confederacy was one of the key elements of winning the war. The side with the most people to "sacrifice", as it was said, would outlast the other side by definition of numbers. With more than sixty thousand percent of the population, the north definitely had the population lead and people to spare. This also meant that they would have a bigger army because they would have more people to enlist in the war.

Even though the south had slaves, the north also had over sixty percent of the farmland.

That also helped in the fight against the confederates. More land meant more food. And the army with the most food is definitely better off in a number of ways. Since the north was well fed, they were healthier than the south. The south would also be malnourished, and weaker due to loss of needed nutrients. Along with the farmland, the north had about seventy percent of the railroad tracks to transport all of their supplies, men, and food.

The last feature that the north had was the factory system. Since the population was so large in the north, they were able to have more than a million more industry workers than the south. They also had almost a million more factories also. With this economic advantage the north could produce much of anything they would need in the...