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My career and goal is to become a nurse . Becoming a nurse has been my ambition from child hood ,and I have anticipated becoming a nurse with high hopes.

A nurse is a heath practician , with a caring nature, the basic function f a nurse is to care for the sick, it includes caring in all aspect that is physically, mentally ,emotionally, spiritually, and psychosocial needs. A nurse is a also a caregiver, a critical thinker and a counselor .A nurse must be compassionate; must be effective in communication, especially with the patient and the family, the health care teams such as the doctors, therapist and scientists, a nurse must also be competent. A nurse should care for the profession which includes contribution to research, providing opportunities for continuing education as well as supporting members of the profession .it is the duty of a nurse to care for the community which includes community education , community assessment and collaborative interventions.

Diverse opportunities arise in the aspect of employment because a nurse could work virtually in any place such as hospitals , community centers, Gpsurgeries , clinics , schools , hotels, nursing and residential homes.

In other to become a nurse I need to take a degree or diploma course , degree course last either three or four years in duration. The fist year introduces the basic principle of nursing , requirements include 5Gce/ Geo o level grade c , English and a science or mathematics related subject.

Therefore I desire to achieve the necessary requirements and qualification from Lansing community . I choose Lansing community college because of its reliability, affordability as well as the serene educational learning environment.. I look forward to Lansing community college in making