Children vs. violent television movies.

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Entertainment today is usually considered low quality because of the fact that people enjoy violent action thrillers as a form of an adrenalin rush. How the flicks affect our daily life still remains a question, due to society versus our children and how they are exposed to violence. Violence is all over, on television, in movie theaters even child age books. Horror films, action movies and cartoons are a bad influence on anybody of any age. It's all about the way we perceive it.

A child being exposed to such influential thrillers, action pact movies or books is wrong. Mixed messages go through their minds and they are really unsure of how to interpret what they have just witnessed on television. It's really quite disturbing to know that R.L. Stein, the author of the Goosebumps novels, is writing and producing movies and books for children. When a parent can sit down with their children and watch a Goosebumps film will then realize, it isn't a good idea to allow a youngster to read or watch this particular authors work.

Fairytales are fantasy and to a child that is entertainment, but turning a fairytale into a scary movie is purely morbid. Pinnochio's Revenge, a film which proves the puppet is a mass murderer, is harsh for an adolescent to watch. A child can and should be able to see what exactly a horror movie is, depending on the intensity of the movie, but to turn a fantasy into a freak film is outrageous.

Power Rangers is also child based, teaches children about heroism, violence does not need to be included, but yet, it's all about fighting the bad guy.

"If we are all insane then sanity becomes matter of degree." (King, 456) Learning to protect children in...