This is a character analysis on the narator of edgar allan poe's "tell-tale heart"

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In this assignment, I will be discussing the narrator of the tale by Edgar Alan Poe, "Tell-Tale Heart". I will be talking about his personality, his motivation, his relationships, his conflicts and his changes from throughout the tale.

First of all, we do not know for sure the sex of the narrator but by Edgar Alan Poe's life story, it can be deducted that the narrator is a man. In Mr. Poe's life, the men were often seen as the bad guys because of the harsh way his step father and employers treated him.

The narrator is a madman. He is cold, scared, dishonest, paranoid, caring and rational all at once. He cares deeply about the old man but yet has a cold way of spying on him when he sleeps. He also is killing him for his eye because it gets him paranoid and denying the crime afterwards, which proves his dishonesty.

The narrator is housemates with the old man and loves him deeply. He has no other known interactions with the outside. The only time we have proof of the narrator interacting with somebody is when he policemen come to the house to investigate the complaints of the neighbors.

His motivation is that he's mad because of the eye. He is scared of it and feels it is always watching him. He compares the eye to a vulture's eye and vultures eat dead people. His fear of the eye becomes a paranoia and to the narrator, the only resolution to this is to kill the old man. Other signs show there is a problem with the narrator, such as denying (sometimes considered to be the first sign of a problem) and hearing things from heaven and hell.

The narrator has 2 types of conflicts.