Changes and effects the Cold war had on America

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Effects and Changes the Cold War had on America

The Cold War was a long and tedious struggle for power between the two leading countries in the world at the time. The coming of this "war" led to many nuclear advancements that have an impact on today's modern warfare and affects everyone everywhere. There are many people around the world that support nuclear weapons as a way to re-build a nation, while others are in opposition of this and think that all nuclear weapons everywhere should be destroyed and not used. The importance of this matter is something that can and will be felt forever.

First of all, the original power of a nuclear weapon was first demonstrated in 1945 at the end of World War II. The atomic bomb (code named fat-man) was dropped over Nagasaki, Japan proving the overall power of the United States to the world.

That was only an Atomic Bomb however. At the start of the Cold War, America discovered a new bomb. Instead of splitting the uranium atoms, like in the original A-bomb, Scientists discovered that fusing the uranium atoms was much more destructive and powerful. This resulted in an overall much more devastating explosion (Gorelik, Gennady). This was known to the world as the infamous Hydrogen Bomb. Named as the hydrogen bomb because it uses hydrogen as a fuel base.

Since the sheer power and destructive abilities have already been demonstrated to the world there are now many different opinions on who should have these powerful weapons, if at all. Many countries and people who already possess nuclear weapons believe that it is necessary to have them to keep power in their counties. If nuclear weapons didn't exist there would be many more invasions today because there would be no threat or...