"A Chance of a Lifetime"

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A Chance of a Lifetime

Throughout many of our lives we haven't really had to think that much because either we have been doing the same thing our whole life and don't want to change or our parents have told us what to do and leave no other choice. High School and College freedoms are the complete opposite, and some of us have many different decisions to make. Many new college students feel they have stepped into an entirely different world. It's a world of freedom, responsibility and choices. Many of the decisions that a student will make are based on where their interests lie. This includes deciding to join a Greek organization. Although Greek life has been unfairly represented by movies such as "Animal House," much of the organizations are not as bad as they are portrayed. Fraternities seem to be given a bad name by people and movies with biased views.

Most people look at us in a bad way because there has been laws passed strictly for Fraternities and the things that go on. The Anti-Hazing Act of 1985 pretty much erased much of the horrible hazing from back in the old days. These are people that have not experienced what good things they have to offer. Fraternities are not just party all the time and should be taken seriously because of the brotherhood, the community involvement, and the history and traditions that they have.

Fraternities are not about getting drunk and hazing, there is much more that they have to offer. Brotherhood is a good example. I was an only child, and never had any brothers or sisters to care for me or to look out for me when I needed them. Because I had the stereotypical image of Greek life when I came to...