The Challenge and solutions of effective parent Involvement PART#1

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The Challenge


The Challenge and Solutions of Effective Parent Involvement

Harry R. Thomas, III

George Mason University

The Challenge 2

Sergiovanni argues that effective schools engage in critical problem solving which is a prerequisite to effective parental involvement. Active and appropriate participation on the part of the parent entails (as facilitated by the school) establishing an appropriate balance with regard to being involved in the student's academic career and mitigating over-zealous, intrusive behaviors (on the part of the over-involved parents) which could impact the student development process. Sergiovanni maintains that learning is not a solo affair and the key to effective parent involvement, is facilitated by the teachers, administrators and staff members of the school.

Every teacher, counselor, or administrator can attest to an experience they have had with a student whose parents were not actively involved in their academic life of the child.

Predictably of course, the student in question had poor academic marks, which justified the need for parental involvement in the first place. According to Sergiovanni (2001), effective schools involve parents in the teaching and learning experiences within the classroom. Sergiovanni also maintains that effective schools establish a multitude of methods of communicating with parents to proactively address problematic academic concerns. A significant part of the challenge and burden rests with the school in regards to creating the conditions whereby the parent can become more involved in the academic life of the student. To address this challenge, effective schools must establish seamless lines of communication between the school and the parent.

In the event that a student were to experience academic difficulties, due in part, to a non-responsive parent, the school must establish a means by which to involve that parent. Some suggestions might include having the teacher...