Cervical Cancer: An Oncologic Internet Search

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Researching cervical cancer via the internet offers many sites available. Determining the validity of each sire can be tricky. A search engine such as Google can be useful in locating web sites, but determining the validity of a site is important. A valid site will provide accurate information. An invalid site may or may not offer up correct information.

In searching for web information; contact a credible association such as, the American Cancer Society, they will provide pamphlets and their web site. A local physician or OB/GYN can provide information on the American Cancer Society. This is a longstanding credible organization that provides accurate web information based solely on cancer facts.

The two sites discovered during the web search are Everyday Health and the American Cancer Society. Everyday Health is a well heard name but they write a little about everything, whereas the American Cancer Society is an organization based solely for assisting and providing educational information to Cancer patients and their families.

It was originally established to control cancer in 1913 and has been dedicated to eliminating cancer.

The Everyday Health site provides information on the HPV virus as a cause of cervical cancer, however, the American Cancer Society not only mentions the HPV virus, it also teaches about the types of cancerous tissue, the link to smoking and the genetic link. The American Cancer Society’s web site provides more informative material. Both sites include the new vaccine Gardasel which protects against four types of HPV including genital warts, but the Everyday Health site does not include the vaccine Cervarix which is still awaiting FDA approval. The American Cancer Society offers more detailed information on the disease process, treatment and prevention. Their site provides a multitude of treatment modalities for Cervical Cancer patients. Treatments...