Causes and Explanations of Development Differences in early New England and Chesapeake areas.

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Although the New England and Chesapeake regions came from similar backgrounds, the way they developed created two very different societies. The land, the people, faith and government all played vital roles in the shaping of these two regions.

A major difference in the two regions is who actually came and settled in the respective areas. New England attracted families, making this region family oriented, thus it was safer. Health was better because people looked after their families and protected them. People were less willing to do things that could be potentially dangerous because they wanted to be around to help their families.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Chesapeake region was mainly settled by young, single, men, who’s main goal was to make money. They didn’t have families to watch after, and no one was watching after them. Dangerous tasks were undertaken more willingly because no one would be greatly affected should something go wrong.

Because of this difference, New England had a lower death rate therefore it’s population grew faster than that of Chesapeake.

Faith also was a deciding factor in how each region was developed. Religious freedom was the very reason that the Puritans (who settled in New England) came to the New World. Not only was this a uniting force throughout the region, but it made them, as John Winthrop said, “As a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us... We shall open the mouths of our enemies to speak evil of the ways of God”(Document A.) In other words, the colonists were determine to succeed and be model Christians while they were at it, because the entire world was watching them. If they were to fail in their colony, they thought that the world would blame God for it.