Castlewood State Park

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Castlewood State Park

Castlewood Park first opened in Ballwin, MO in the early 1900's. Between 1915 and 1940 thousands of visitors traveled to Castlewood Park. The Missouri Pacific Railroad provided the main source of transportation to the park. After World War 2 people quit coming to the park so it was forced to shut down. In 1975 the MRRA re-opened the park as a national park. Castlewood State Park is 1,779 acres that is incorporated with the Meramec River.

During the 1930's people came from all over Missouri for the weekend to get away. Usually, there where more than 10,000 people to visit the park each weekend. There where dance clubs, clubhouses, hotels, and the river to keep people occupied during the weekend. Castlewood had one of the first piped water systems in St.Louis that supplied water to the hotels and cabins.

The park has many stunning features that attract tourists throughout the year.

White limestone bluffs hang over the Meramec River, which overlooks Lincoln Beach. Lincoln Beach is 250 feet below the bluffs. At the center of the park the Meramec River merges with Kiefer Creek to make half a mile wide flood plains.

Castlewood State Park has many natural features as well. On the south side of the park River Birch and Green Hawthorne, which is uncommon in Missouri, flourish next to the riverbanks. On the north side of the river white oak, northern red oak, and shagbark hickory flourish on the banks. Some of the animals that are here include: wild turkeys, cricket frogs, white- tail deer and river birds.

The park offers many activities to enjoy on a daily or weekend basis. People can fish for largemouth bass, bluegill, and catfish. People can also canoe, go rafting, and sunbathe on the beach. People...