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"My Life By: Cassiopeia Riffee"

This paper is my autobiography. I had to talk to my parents to find out information that I did not know about my life. There was a lot of information that I was surprised to hear and it's all included in this paper.

I was born on April 30,1989. I was born at Deconess hospital. I weighed 9lbsand 15.5 oz. I was 17 inches in length. My mom said I was a well-behaved, quiet, and happy child.

I live with my mom and two sisters. My moms name is Catherine and she is 34 years old. The elder of my two younger sisters' name is crystal. She is 14 years old. My youngest sisters name is Amber. She is 8 years old. I feel that in being the oldest I am expected to be very responsible and set an extremely exceptional example for my sisters.

It is very hard and stressful.

I went to Athena pre-school, although I do not remember it very well. In the third grade, I was in the girl-scouts but only until the middle of the 4th grade because I moved. When I started high school I joined the fencing club and I am still an active member. I really enjoy having the knowledge of knowing that I can dice a person with none the lesser thought.

I went to Meramac elementary school for the better part of kindergarten my teachers name was Ms. Debby. She was very nice. I remember being scared because I had started two months late and I had just moved there. Kindergarten was fun. I liked it a lot.

My biggest accomplishment was in the 5th grade when I came in 2nd place at the school spelling bee. My favorite subjects have always been English and...