Case Study: Martin - Behaviour Managment in Early Childhood

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Martin is six years old and in his first year of school. Despite being slightly older than his classmates, he is less able than most to settle to activities. He finds unnecessary reasons to move about the classroom, such as to sharpen an already-sharpened pencil, forgets essential items for his activities, fails to allow instructions, and is slow to begin tasks, with the result that his work is seldom finished in the allotted time.

You are reluctant at this stage to assign homework, but without it, little of his work would ever be completed. His social skills seem immature. He is overly boisterous and argumentative during play times with the result that, while his classmates are not actively rejecting him, he is nevertheless ignored by many. His constant chatter and restlessness within the class interrupts the other children's concentration, and the more able children are complaining about this to you.

Martin's parents have made contact with the school and expressed their concerns that they feel Martin has not settled into school life as well as they would have expected meeting with Martin's parents has been arranged. When told about Martin's disruptive behaviour in class Martin's parents are visibly upset as Martin does not display this type of behaviour when he is at home.

A meeting with Martin's parents reveals that Martin is the only child in the family and is considered to be his parents 'little miracle' as Martin's parents had had several failed attempts at IVF treatment and were elated when they found out on their last attempt at IVF was successful.

Being the only child in the family interactions with other children have been limited; Martin's parents made the decision early on that considering Martin's Mother had given up work...