Career Development

Essay by popdaddy008A+, January 2005

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Critically examining the career and professional skills that I have developed over the course of the last several years, it seems reasonable that with both my education and experience, I should be poised to enter the job market as an entry-level manger. Although I believe that I would apply for positions at the mid-level, research on these positions seems to suggest that I would need more experience before I could effective move into one of these positions. Given the education and work experience that I have however, I do feel as if I would have a competitive advantage over other candidates applying for the same position.

Evaluating future skills that I may need to advance my career, it seems reasonable to argue that both job experience and more education will be essential to advancing my career. Thus, my plans for the immediate future--i.e. the next fiver years--are to begin work with an organization that will provide tuition reimbursement for a Master's Degree. By working for the organization and furthering my education at the same time, I will be able to garner the skills and education that I need simultaneously. This will facilitate my career advancement and ensure that I will not incur more debt attempting to pay for anther college degree. For me working for an employer that offers tuition reimbursement is essential. Without this benefit, I am unsure of how I will be able to advance my career without further education.

With the realization that career advancement is important for my own personal growth and development, the question of what role the organization should play in helping me achieve this end ultimately arises. Does the organization have a vested interest in helping me to further my career? Or is more cost effective for the organization not to promote...