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Car salespeople behave differently depending on the kind of car they are selling and the kind of customer they have. I drove up to a car lot a couple of weeks ago and instantly I noticed the scrambling salesmen trying to be the first to get their commission off me. I got out of the car and a man in his late 20's came and shook my hand. Now this hand shake is not an ordinary hand shake. The salesman grips your hand as tight as humanly possible and shakes it continuously. After the exhausting shake, he moved onto the information gathering stage. He furtively asked me different questions trying to find out how much money I made, how many kids I had, what was my occupation etc. Now throughout all of this I am noticing his interesting tone of voice. I'm sure we've all heard it. The low toned, almost radio announcer type voice.

"I know just the right car for you." He said as he began to put his arm around my shoulder and led me to the other end of the lot. During the time he was showing me the car he was bringing out all the good aspects of it. If it had bad gas-mileage, he would not mention anything that might lead to me asking the question, "So what kind of gas-mileage does this get?" and that went for everything about the car. So what I noticed throughout the entire experience was that car salesman don't try to lie, what they say is based on the kind of car and customer.