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The Death Penalty

The death penalty is an effective method of punishing criminals who have committed murder. The death penalty should be used more often so that people will get the hint that they should not kill anyone for any reason, or else they are going to die as well. If used correctly it could be more cost efficient to just give him or her the chair, than it would to keep them in jail for their whole lives. I feel that a criminal should be killed the way he killed the victim. Others will argue that it is hypocritical to kill someone for killing someone else. They would also argue that the criminals should be given a second chance to turn their lives around. The death penalty should be used more often to slow down crime or even stop it.

First of all I feel that if a criminal kills someone, they should be killed the same way the same way they killed the victim.

This theory is called an eye-for-an-eye. Most states use the death penalty only on very rare occasions. The states usually only have one type of death penalty such as: lethal injection, the chair, or the gas chamber. These are all common methods of execution that a state may use to kill a criminal. I don't think that any of these methods give the victim any justice. If the victim was tied up and cut and left to bleed to death or shot a couple of times, then the criminal should die the same way. By doing it this way the criminals would really learn a lesson, because they would see that other criminals that have committed murder were killed the same way they killed their victims. This method might detour people from killing other...