Capital Punishment On Crimes Other Than Murder

Essay by mrsteve January 2003

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We all agree that killing a person on purpose is a murder and the killer should be killed, since he gave himself the right to take the life of a person for any reason then the capital punishment will be the right of taking his life. But with most of the crimes the death penalty should not be used, and I say most of the crimes because some crimes are considered like murder so the death penalty should be applied.

A crime is giving the right to take or in other words affect a part of the life of a person or a group of people, for example, robbery, hitting a wife or anybody badly, drugs, etc... All of these crimes are not taking the life of a person so the death penalty should not be applied on the criminal. Killing every criminal will take a lot of time and a lot of money, treating them is a perfect option.

Almost every crime is judged different from the other, let's take a traitor for example, a spy who caused the death of many people because of his dirty work, this person should not be in jail, he should be on the electric chair, this traitor indirectly took the life of many people, this disloyalty though it's considered a crime in law not a murder but it's morally a murder and the capital punishment should be used on this person.

In the definition of murder, killing a person on purpose, the word purpose is very important, let's consider a hunter who is hunting deer, he aimed at the deer and fired when suddenly a boy jumped in front of him and the boy get shot. What is this? It's a murder? For sure no, it's a crime that the capital punishment...