Capital punishment!

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First of all, its important to know the basic argument used in the debate over capital punishment; is this practice moral? Death penalty is more humane nowadays with new method like lethal injection and the char compare to old ways like drawing and quartening, the guillotine, and boiling to death. Capital punishment is need in society today more than ever because of its many purposes. A major problem has been the past record of executing innocent people. With the technological advancements of today, there should be no doubt of a person's innocence.

Furthermore, the government wastes too much money in the processes of appeals for the convicted felongs in capital punishment cases. Without the costs of it, the price's execution would go down by seventy-five percent making it more economic than a life sentence. Besides the millions of dollars spent and the few martyrs of the legal system, death penalty has been very effective.

Nowadays, the prison are getting so crowded that the government must end up life sentence to 5 or 10 years for "good behavior" of the criminal.

Moreover, the opposers to the capital punishment don't realize that it also keep dangerous criminals from ever returning to the streets again where they can recommit the same crime has they do. There are no words to describe the anguish felt by the families of murder victims, even if the murderer is still free! Death penalty is more than a right, it's an act of justice because it's a kind of retribution for families, and maybe it can deters other people from committing the same mistake.

Finally, no human being deserves to have his life taken away by a criminal. In allowed the death penalty, the society is showing it is not going to be soft for criminals...