Cancer and its Effects

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Cancer is a devastating disease that kills approximately 555,500 Americans a year. This disease cheats innocent people of the life they deserve. Cancer develops when cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. These abnormal cells outlive normal cells and continue to divide and grow more abnormal cells. If the disease is not detected early enough it can spread all over the body. This disease not only affects the victim, but everyone that cares for them.

My girlfriend's grandmother, Angela, was one of the sweetest, most genuine people I had ever met. Her energy was contagious. Just her presence could make you smile. She was my girlfriend's whole world. She did not have many people to rely on and she was one of the only steady factors in his life. Both of her parents were recovering heroin addicts and didn't have much to offer her but trouble.

While her parents were getting clean she moved in with his grandmother. She took her and his brother in with open arms even though she had already raised 5 children of her own. She loved being the mother figure in their life and they truly looked up to her as their mother.

Angela was like the universal mother figure. Even people who were not related to her called her grandma. She was always worrying about everyone else but herself. Then one day the situation flipped. Grandma had always been extremely healthy even though she smoked occasionally. She rarely got sick, but surprisingly she developed a chest cold. Chest colds normally only last about a week or so, but this one went on for a month. She decided to see a doctor, who took an x-ray of her lungs. In her lungs he found a cancerous tumor. Ironically...