The Canadian healtcare system: different strategies that the goverment should undertake.

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Healthcare organizations are under intense pressure to contain costs while improving access and service for the growing patient population. The fundamental values of our healthcare system - equality of access, affordability, and quality patient care - are in risk due to severe money supply restraint, competition, and logistical issues. Healthcare stakeholders have identified the need for progressive solutions that will revolutionize the healthcare delivery system. The Romanow Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada spent 10 months looking at Canada's public health system before making recommendation how to serve Canadians better. Provincial governments run health care systems and, in September 2000, regional leaders committed their support for a common vision within the five principles in the Canada Health Act. The act was originally drafted in 1984 by Monique Begin, then-health minister in Pierre Trudeau's Liberal government. These principles are generally described as




*Public administration


The agreement on these principles led to the Romanow Commission that was established on April 3, 2001.

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien recommended the Privy Council establish the commission with a mandate to ensure the long-term sustainability of a universally accessible, publicly funded health system that offers quality services to all Canadians. The commission is committed to striking an appropriate balance between investments in prevention and health maintenance, and those directed to care and treatment.

The commission completed its work in two stages. The first focused on fact-finding and resulted in an 82-page interim report tabled in the House of Commons Feb. 6, 2002. In his interim report, Romanow said that Canadians consider Medicare the "defining aspect of their citizenship" . In addition, he also states citizens agree that:

*All Canadians should have reasonable access to quality care regardless of where they live or how much they make

*Individuals should not...