Canada's History at the Pan Am Games

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Canada has sent a baseball team to the Pan Am Games seven times prior to 1999. Beginning in 1967, Canada participated in every Pan Am Games up until 1995. By and large Canada has struggled at the event, never finishing higher than fourth place. Canada has finished in fifth once (last place that year), seventh twice, and eighth twice.

The return of the Pan Am Games to Winnipeg marks a special return for Team Canada as well. The 1967 Games held in Winnipeg were the first time a national baseball team took the field to represent Canada in any international competition. Despite a noble effort, the inexperience of that first team showed as they struggled to a record of one win and seven losses. While they finished in last place, Canada had established itself as an international baseball country.

Looking to build on the 1967 Games, Canada's fortunes improved in 1971 at Cali, Columbia.

They finished in fourth place with a record of four wins and four losses, and nearly won the bronze medal. A round robin loss to Columbia, who had an identical record, dropped the Canadians out of medal contention. Regardless, 1971 continues to stand as Canada's best showing ever at the Pan Am Games.

In 1975, Team Canada took a step backward and finished seventh at the games held in Mexico City. Team Canada won only two of the eight games they played. Canada's difficulties continued at the 1979 Pan Am Games held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Canada finished in eighth place with a total of one win and seven losses.

At the 1983 games in Caracas, Venezuela, bad luck again conspired to keep the Canadians out of the medal round. Despite compiling a record of three wins and two losses in the preliminary...