When can war be justified or wronged?

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War Can Be Justified“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” are few of the rights the constitution guarantees everyone as an American citizen. How can that be obtained if America is being attacked by foreign countries that won’t stop? Our nation will not go to war, because we have decided that war is not worth the bloodshed. Until war is upon the attackers, what makes them afraid so that they will stop the attacks? Nothing! War is justified, when there is, or potentially could be, a threat to the society and/or way of life of any human being, and only if it outweighs the damage that what will happen if war is declared.

War is the last stand of defense that the President or Congress declares. It takes dedicated research, prayer, and most of the time an attack, before congress or the president ever even thinks about declaring war.

It is something that is used only when there is no other possible alternative. When the terrorist from Pakistan flew two commercial airlines into the Twin Trade Towers on September 11, the President and Congress did not hastily decide to declare war upon them. They had to come together for a meeting and rationalize things. They had to look at what happened and make a decision not based on anger or sadness, but by reason and great understanding. They had to understand that they would be putting thousands of lives at risk, and also be putting their own lives on the line. Once they understand that, it will be more beneficial for society to go to war than to sit back and do nothing. That’s when it is acceptable to go to war.

In the Bible, God lets his prophet Daniel know that he was allowing Babylon to come...