Can Uniforms Save Our Schools

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According to the article “Can Uniforms Save Our Schools?” by Linda Starr, President Clinton stated that “School uniforms are one step that may be able to break this cycle of violence.” This statement was supported by many famous educators and scholars in the United States. However, is this really what America is looking for? A magic outfit that can change our students behavior instantly just by putting it on? This is definitely the “easy button” to answer our concerns towards increasing student’s performance and decreasing campus violence. But reality is not answered by the push of an “easy button”, we should spent more time and money on educating students about violence, tolerance, manners, ethics, and morals instead of dressing them up to prevent individuality and pray for the problems to diminish over time.

It is understandable that many supporters of issuing uniforms to United States’ public schools were greatly influenced by the successful outcomes of the Long Beach school district. However, this great outcome can simply be explained by the Hawthorne effect, where according to Ray C. Rist, a professor of education and sociology at George Washington University, “that a group of people who are treated in a special way may behave differently because of that treatment.” This explains that uniforms did not play an important factor in this Long Beach case, regardless of it; they would have still performed better because they were being observed by the mass public.

Never the less, many scholars still support the role of uniforms after reviewing the Hawthorne effect. This is because they believe that minimizing individuality it will solve many common violence problems such as disputes over expensive clothing, or gang attires. However, these problems could be easily solved by issuing a dress code, not a full on enforced uniform.