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I personally don't believe that online social networking can enhance critical thinking and effective writing skills. For one thing my nephew participates in the MySpace thing and I watch the way he responds to the postings that he receives and he writes the first thing that comes to his mind. I have asked him have he ever thought about what he wants to say before he responds and he said no because he doesn't have to use effective writing skills when he have to responds the other people's postings. He also so said that he doesn't care if he use proper English when responding. I believe that if he would it would help him in writing more effectively and also help with his critical thinking because what if he writes something to someone and they don't like what he wrote, they can respond with a nasty response.

Blogging and other online social networking sites can be published so quick that the important rules of writing is majorly being overlooked.

The influence of other user's postings can change the behavior, attitudes, and beliefs of an individual. Blogging can enhance connectivity between the blogger and the blog reader but when it comes to using critical thinking and effective writing that's where things tend to draw a blank. They think and write in a fun way by writing the first thing that comes to mind and using abbreviations for words such as lol, which means laughing out loud.

Online social discussions can be improved with the use of critical thinking strategies by people thinking first before they write. It is said that "A variety of writing activities can be employed to promote critical thinking" (Quote by Greg Walker). Writing activities can help promote critical thinking in discussion boards by answering and responding to...