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Buying a new car is the second most expensive thing most

consumers buy. Next to houses of course. That is why it

is important to know all the tips on making car buying

easy and less stressful. Think about the car model and

features you will want. Also think about how much you are

willing to spend and STICK TO IT. Car salesmen are almost

always paid on commission which means all they want is

your purchase. Also, don't be hasty or feel rushed into

making a decision. If you are not sure about something,

come back later.

Check books and magazines at the library or surf the

internet for useful information on prices and features for

the car you want before showing up at the dealer. That

way you feel you know just as much about the kind of car

you want as the salesman does. Shop around - Never go

with an impulse buy.

Go to a few different dealers and

talk to a car-buying service and a broker-buying service

to make comparisons.

Plan on negotiating the price. Dealers may be willing to

bargain on their profit margin. This is the difference

between the MSRP (Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price)

and the invoice price. This also affects your monthly

payments. Negotiating the price can save you big money.

You may even want to consider ordering the car that you

want. This may cause delays, but if the car with the

features you want is not on the lot, this may be your best

option. Remember this is a big purchase and one that will

probably need to last you for a while. Inversely however

you may get a better deal from the dealership if you buy a

car from their inventory. Just because they want to get

rid of them.

If you are trading in your old car for a new one.

Negotiate the price of the new one before letting them

know about the old one. Once they know you want to

trade-in, they know you have that much more money to spend

and they will use that against you. Check the internet or

the library for information on the value of your old car.

Just to give you a ballpark idea. Remember that if you

can, you should try to sell your car yourself. You will

get much more money for it that way.