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I was asked to produce a detailed report on a medium or large size business to fulfil the criteria for unit 1 'BUSINESS AT WORK'.

This report will consider the objectives, organisation structure, culture and communication channel within the business and examine how these factors interrelate to affect the success of the business. This report will also explain how quality assurance and control systems help the business to add values to its products.

The business that I have chosen to do the report is called 'MAGNET'.

'The strong manufacturing heritage combines with the highest quality materials and the best customer service'

Magnet base where I got all relevant information from my report is in Keighley, this is large sized multi nation business, and it has over 320 branches in the Europe. Magnet's strong manufacturing heritage combined with the highest quality materials, which sets the standards for the rest of the manufacturers in the same trade.



0.1First I telephoned at Magnet based Keighley and made an appointment over the telephone.

0.2After arranging an appointment, I went to visit Magnet to collect the relevant information for my report.

0.3 Whilst visiting the company, I observed the building and looked around different departments, there for I had extra; factors interrelated to affect the success of business.

0.4I also absorbed how Magnet deals with clients and orders over the telephone, and on their website.

0.5I also interviewed the manager of Magnet and through him I gathered information, which I needed to prepare for my report.

0.6After receiving the information, I sorted all the notes and put them into order.


Magnet started out in the timber trade in Bingley, West Yorkshire, when Tom Duxbury bought up a large quantity of timber from the Government and began selling to...