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Essay by max1 December 2004

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Fidelity Information Services Call Center Workstation

Fidelity Information Services is the business I chose to complete my business assessment. This is a corporation that provides financial data processing software and services to banks around the world. Although Fidelity provides many types of financial software packages, I chose to focus on the Call Center Workstation product. The reason why I picked the Call Center Workstation product is because I worked over Christmas break as a Call Center representative at Civitas Bank for two weeks during Y2K. Even though I worked there I had no idea how all the software worked and I was interested in finding out. "Call Center Workstation is a component of Fidelity Information Services/Delivery suite that transforms a call center into a profit center with instant access to updated customer profiles, an in-depth view of customer relationships, precise product information, call center agents are better informed, more responsive and better able to provide world class service and cross sell new products" (Fidelity Information Services).

The Call Center provides many benefits for both customers of the financial institution and the financial institutions themselves. First, customers enjoy the benefits such as a consistent accurate view of business offerings and their account activities, regardless of whether they use the teller window, call center, or Internet. Next, customers receive "anytime/anywhere" services. Customers certainly appreciate the undivided attention of tellers, call center agents, sales office representatives and Internet contacts that are instantly familiar with their previous activities and inquiries and are readily available to meet their needs. One of the many benefits that banks enjoy includes better understanding of the customer needs by reviewing valuable management information. Another benefit that the business provides a one-stop shopping at any service channel, converting a simple customer contact into a valuable opportunity for cross selling...