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Introduction: BUGusa designs, manufactures, and sells several recording devices. The different types of devices include telephone wires, cell phone transmissions, and devices that will pick up voices at a distance. The company manufactures these items mostly for law enforcement and currently has contracts with most of the law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. BUGusa is currently looking to expand their market into international markets. The company currently houses half of its manufacturing plants in international countries so it has already established a presence in foreign markets. With expansion comes some liability with the risk of competition and other legal issues dealing with intellectual property and disclosure of confidential information.

Legal Protections: BUGusa should protect their intellectual properties to safeguard the company from competitors and possible new competition. The legal protection that BUGusa needs to consider having is for the lady bug wearing headphones which is their trademark. The company has some of their product manufactured outside of the United States (U.S.). The legal protection that would be provided with the intellectual property law in the U.S does not cover intellectual property in a foreign country. For selling the product overseas protection is also needed to protect the copyrights. Trade secrets that are created just for BUGusa software and hardware items need to be safeguarded. This information is important to not just BUGusa but also its clients. The clients such as the FBI and police do not want criminals to have the technology that they use or the FBI and police will not be able to do their jobs effectively.

Civil Liabilities: BUGusa recently hired Steve, who also works for a competitor, WIRETIME. Steve has been forwarding e-mails and information about BUGusa's product lines to WIRETIME. Steve intentionally acquired information about BUGusa by improper means. Steve's actions are considered...