The bubonic plague.

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The bubonic plague was transmitted by fleas. The fleas jumped from rats to infest the clothes and packs of trader traveling west. As an effect the plague the plague spread through out through out Europe and Italy in the spring of 1348. (From Asia to the Middle East) By the time the plague played it self out it was three years later and over fifty percent (50%) of Europe had died out. The plague struck with rapid speed. "People lay ill little more than two or three days." Victims suffered heavy sweats and convulsive coughing, they spats blood, tank terribly and died in agony. "He who was well one day was dead the next." (Said French friar, Jean De Venette) A few victims survived. Most did not.

The plague made everyone equal by the facts that no matter what social class you're in, the plague will infect you. From the peasants to the dukes, people were afraid for their lives.

Since people had no way to stop the plague they turned to magic and witchcraft for a cure.

The church lost prestige, Spiritual authority and leadership over the people. The church promised the people to give those cures, treatment and explanation for the plague. They said threat the plague was an act of punishment from G-d. The church tried treating the people but nothing worked. Too many people were dieing too fast, so instead of proper Christian burial, the church would just burn the bodies. When the people saw that it did not matter if you had a proper Christian burial or not (Meaning that they would not go to Hell if they did not get one.) they stopped listening to the church. After the plague ended angry and frustrated villagers stared to revolt against the church. Some Christians blamed...