A brief essay about death and selecting a song to represent a Christian view of death.

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The concept of death can mean many things to different people. For some, it is a complete end where there is nothing but darkness forever after. For others, however, it can be seen as a joyous time, for the deceased person has simply moved from stage of being to another, perhaps a better one.

The song "Satellite" by P.O.D. deals with the death of a loved one. After such an event occurs, many of us hope that those we love are "up there," somewhere, watching out for us. We hope that they can be there with us to share our joys, as well as comfort and help us in times of despair. This song expresses all of these beliefs and gives us faith that if we believe, we will succeed.

I feel that "Satellite" is definitely a great song with really positive energy. It gives me a feeling of joy knowing that even though my loved ones may not be with me now, they are still with me, as a satellite that perpetually hovers over me.

This song gives me more of a reason to live my life with direction and purpose, so that when I die, I might be of some help to future generations.