The Boston Strangler.

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Starting in June 1962 and lasting until January 1964 a mysterious murderer known as the "Boston Strangler" had women in Boston fearing for their lives. He claimed 13 victims in a nineteen-month reign of terror. He would scam, sweet-talk, and break his way into his female victim's apartment and strangle them. More often then not the strangling would take place with an article of their own clothing being wrapped around their neck. The item of clothing, many times a stocking or nylon, would be tied into a bow around the victims neck to mark his revolting signature.

The man believed, by most people, to have committed these crimes was none other than Albert DeSalvo. Also known as the "Measuring Man" and the "Green Man" prior to the "Boston Strangler", he was quite well-known. Albert DeSalvo was born on September 3, 1931 to a man named Frank DeSalvo, who himself was not to be considered a saint.

The family was extremely poor and lived in a run down apartment in a poor working class area of Boston. Frank DeSalvo was a raging alcoholic and also physically abusive to his wife and children. Soon after Albert was able attend school his father got into some trouble which consequently led to his family being sold into slavery. The entire family was sold to a farm for the price of nine dollars which they escaped from months later. In order to survive Frank taught Albert how to shoplift, pick-pocket, and break into homes and other private property. Often times Frank would bring prostitutes home and force Albert to watch as he and the women had intercourse. Frank left the family in 1939. Soon after this Albert began to sell himself to local homosexuals. His first sexual experience came at...