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Beowulf is an epic, a long, narrative poem that relates the adventures of the epic hero. Beowulf is the epic hero in this poem. An epic hero is a larger-than-life character that embodies the values and the traditions of his culture. Beowulf has all the qualities and traits that an epic hero possesses.

Beowulf exhibits the traits of a larger-than-life character. He kills Grendel without the use of weapons. He uses his superhuman strength to break Grendel's bones and win the battle. Beowulf also kills Grendel's mother, who is more dangerous than Grendel. He shows his superior strength when he lifts the sword and strikes Grendel's mother in the neck. In the text, the sword is described as "the best of all weapons but so massive that no ordinary man could lift." Beowulf shows tremendous courage when he puts his life at risk to kill the dragon. These battles indicate that Beowulf is superior to all warriors and is truly larger-than-life.

Beowulf possesses all the traits of an epic hero. He is courageous, strong, skillful with weapons, and loyal. He is courageous because he goes into the battles fearless. His strength, as well as his skill with weapons, is evident in the battles. The most important quality that makes Beowulf an epic hero is loyalty.

Beowulf embodies the traditions of his culture. His loyalty is evident in his relationship with the Thanes. Beowulf gives his life for his people. He eventually dies after battling the dragon for treasure. Beowulf also boasts, which is tradition of the Anglo-Saxon Warriors. Beowulf boasts when he talks about beating Brecca in a swimming match. In the text, Beowulf says, "No man swims in the sea as I can, no strength is a match for mine." The warriors revered the boasting.

Beowulf encompasses the...