Beliefs of the ancient egyptians.

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Roy Baharav


Dr. Brier

It is safe to say that the world in which we live has been impacted time and time again by previous civilizations; however, to also safe to say that modern studies do not put a great emphasis when it comes to studying those cultures. The sands of history are filled with countless footsteps that contain a plethora of information vital to the knowledge of where we all came from and how we arrived at this point. The question is, where to start, and how do we understand the clues that have been left for us by our predecessors.

It is crucial to understand that in order to know how previous civilizations existed, we must put ourselves in their timeframe. It serves useless to look at the past through the eyes of the present because we have too many advantages in today's society to truly appreciate why things happened the way they did in the past.

In searching for these footprints of previous civilizations, one cannot overlook the fascination embedded in ancient Egypt. This period in history would be filled with mythology and magic as well as remarkable technology. The ancient Egyptians would undoubtedly influence the civilizations that followed them in a way that would leave their mark throughout known history. From fertilizing land, to burying the dead, to the worship of mystical idols and gods, the ancient Egyptians began a legacy that would last an enormous period stretching for three thousand years. Without a tremendous amount of change, these Egyptians leave behind a rich history that fascinates all that come in contact with it.


One of the most fascinating things that all cultures have in common is the unanswerable questions that they face everyday. All people would look to answer questions such as...