Being A Millionare Isn't For Me

Essay by angelic_devil_gal January 2005

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"You have just won a million dollars!" shouted Regis on the most popular show that has ever hit television. A fifty-one year old retired, high school teacher sat on the hot seat in absolute amazement. In seconds his life changed from being an ordinary, retired father of two, and living with his wife in a small Manhattan home to becoming a millionaire. I sat in my living room wishing that it was me who had answered that last question correctly in that seat, instead of sitting in my favorite black leather chair that faces the television at a perfect angle. I would have done anything to be that man at that moment. I couldn't imagine what was going through his mind.

There I was, sitting at home, watching all the excitement on television, dreaming for my life to be different. How easily I had forgotten all of the good things in my life.

Indeed there was a million things for me to be happy about. I had a wonderful handsome husband, a bright young nine-year-old daughter, a son in his pre-teenage years and so much more. My life wasn't bad at all, "money isn't everything," I thought to myself.

"Knock.... Knock...knock." sounded the door to wake me out of my short daydream. Remembering that I had lent our bag of sugar to a friendly neighbor, I walked towards the door, unlatched the top latch and then the bottom. I was shocked to see two men standing at the door. They stood in full uniform, with stern faces, both tall and well built. I didn't know what to think, my eyes began to sting and I could feel them fill with tears. Something within me said that bad news was upon me.

"Ma'am, we are very sorry to inform you that..."...