Basic values of democracy

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A democracy is a system of government in which supreme authority rests with the people. The word democracy all started when Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg address to the nation. The Gettysburg address was "government of the people, by the people, for the people". A democracy can be in a direct or indirect form. A direct democracy exists when whatever the people think should be right turns into the law. A representative democracy is when a small group of people are picked by the people to represent the people. A democracy can mean all of these definitions I listed but it can be powerful if it is used to a good power. The United States today is considered more of a republic rather than a democracy.

If our country would be turned into a dictatorship overnight out lives would be a lot different. The question is would everyone's lives be better or worse.

My opinion is that it would be awful if our country would be turned into a dictatorship. There would be no laws and one person would rule just like Hitler, sadam and many of the other dictators in our past and present. I would miss being forced to go to school and I would not like to be over ruled by one person. I think a democracy is more safe and effective in a good way than a dictatorship.

In today's society democracy does not exist at least in America. Many people believe that our country is better if it is run by political parties. I agree with how our country is run now. You elect the President and he decides with his colleagues on what is the best choice for America. I do think that the people should have more of a chance to come out...